Here you can look thru There.com videos. Here are some Machinima films (There.com Movies) made from players in There.com. We will soom be posting our welcome videos by next year.


Switch to There

Chagall does a parody of the Apple Switch ads.
Category:  Entertainment
Tags: There.com  Switch  Parody



So Right There

Commercial for There.com made by Chagall, music is 'So Right' by the Dave Matthews Band
Category:  Entertainment
Tags: There.com  Dave  Matthews  Band


Tropical Adventures Theme Park

There opened its first theme park on June 15th, 2007! It is truly amazing! I was so impressed I took some footage on opening day and made a short video out of it!
Category:  Film & Animation
Tags:there.com  virtual  world  theme  park  avatar

By: VirtualVikki

Machinima in There

A behind the scenes look at machinima productions in the world of there.com written by the awsome Rick_Slick! This is the extended director's cut of this movie which won the next comedy award for the There.com film festival in the fall of 2006.
Category:  Film & Animation
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