Every week we will post our tour events sign up pages and other news going on in There and in the There Tours groups. Its always good to know something before. Also here you can chat with our tour guides or just with your friends. Its always good to read too, You can send your pomes, riddles, stories, and jokes to

  Caldera Island- Visit the great jungle with soo much to find. There is lots of areas there you can visit and a great place to be explore the unknown!
  Egypt- travel under the sunny skies exploreing the past. You will travel thru towering  pyramids and even enter a mummy's tomb!
  Saja- Get your hover packs and get ready to soar thru the air in Saja. You will visit weird and odd gardens and and see a great veiw from above.

  Tyr- Visit the spooky areas of Tyr. as you find weird crystals, plants, and even dinosaurs bones. And don't forget the mouth droping tower.                                


 Meet the Tour Guides!
AlessiaAlucard- She is very kind and friendly! And you always have fun when she is around. She helps much by lending many of her rides to new members


   Here you acn chat to our tour guides or even your friends. its a good way to contact to your friend and tell to go on There!



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