There.com is a fully interactive, 3D online virtual world where members can customize and create their own 3D character, meet and hang out with friends in real-time using voice and text chat, build their own virtual homes, participate in events ranging from car races to paintball to fashion shows and even create and sell their own virtual items.
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if you need any more help about There.com or having problems Please contact us via Help Central.
 How do I get my free copy of There?

Just go to the download page to download and install the There software. (Information about the download is provided on that page.)
 How do I register for There?

Once you've installed the There software, you'll be prompted to register and create a starter look for your avatar. It's easy! Once you're in There, you can customize your avatar further to create your own unique look.

Already downloaded and installed There and just need to register? Click here.
Grab a Buggy or HoverBoard and join a race, host a trivia contest, or create your own scavenger hunt. It's all up to you.
Hit the shops to check out the latest fashions and cool gear in There. Or, go bargain-hunting at the There auctions.
Get a guide to show you around the island. Or go exploring on your own. You may even find a few surprises...
Chat with your friends and meet new people through clubs (join up!) and topic listings, or hang out at the local bar. It's all in There.
Decorate your dream home or design your own fashion line. The only limit in There is your imagination.
We've got dozens of parties, races, and games every day. Plus, look for special in-world events celebrating holidays, like Halloween and Valentine's Day.
Here are some basic tips you need to have fun in There!
  -step two-
 Use you arrow keys to move around There. Click on the top arrow two times to run.(Bunny slippers make you go run faster in There try some in shops!)
 -step three-
 Acton tags help you to interact wit items. When you click on the ACTION TAG it will show a little menu of what you can do with the Item. Emotes are also a cool way to have fun in There.
 -step one-
 When you first arrive in There you will see the back of you avatar. (You might have to stay still for a while while you load)
(there will be also a welcome video to help you out)
  -step four-
 Try its machines and Spas are there to help you look your best in There. They allow you to change your avatars appearance. You can change how big, skinny,etc..

 -There Tours-
There Tours is an organization of people from there.com always happy to help out new members in the virtual help by giving great info, tips, and of course great tours. Our group is  one of the nicest group you will ever meet in There!
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