Clubs in There is a great way to get to know people and make friends. There is always a club for you in There. There are so much things you can do with your group like hosting a party!
 Meet The Tour Guides!
TeriG- She is the leader of the BABS program (Bay Area Boating System). She is one of our great tour guides we ever had. You can always find her soaring in the sky with her hoverboat or riding around on her buggy.


    As you know There Tours is a great club to be in. We get to help people out and do all kinds of stuff to help the There community. There are also many other clubs in There you can join and be part in. Its a great way to make new friends and have much fun. There are many clubs like paintguns, buggies, jobs, socail, and cards group. Being in a club is a great way you can much fun un There!


  Did you know you can get free voice in There! Voice chatting you can get as premium but you can get it free from CosmoGirl. Its a great way to talk to you friends.


   BFF Club Leader: SoftlyDreaming

  This club is one of the most friendly clubs you will find in There. The Best Friend Forever club is a great social and kindest club to be in. Its a great way to know people and become friends. The leader is SoftlyDreaming and she is one of the kindest person you will ever meet on There. Its a great club to be in when your new to There.

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   BABS Leader: TeriG

  The Bay Area Boating System (BABS) is a transportation around Hoverboats are flying vehicles that can hold up to five people. Its a great and fast way to go around BABS have airport towers located all around There. Its a great way to see from the skys and see how nice There is from above.

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   Spinning Spades Leader: Percy

  If you like to play card games this is the club for you. The group is verey socail and fun. Every week the group host card events. If you don't know to play there are great tips from Percy of how to play. Playing cards is a great way to spend time with friends and have fun.

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