There is a great place to hang out with your friends while your playing cards or just shooting each other with paint guns for fun. There offer many things like meeting someone who is on from Asia to someone in France. There are endless places to visit in There it never gets old. There are always lots of people to help you on the way like us the There Tours tour guides. You have to go on to experience all the fun There offers! There is one of the hotest online chatting there is online! The fun just gets bigger and bigger.

   See you THERE!

     -ThereTours leader: Zayden

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           Welcome to the There Tours group page. Here you can update on events news, info about our tour guides, and get info and tips about There Tours is an organization of people from always happy to help out new members in the virtual help by giving great info, tips, and of course great tours. Our group is  one of the nicest group you will ever meet in There!

  Kantana Point- One of the tallest areas in there. The area over looks the tiki bay and is one of land marks in There.


 Mirage- Located in the dune canyon is Mirage one of the HOTEST places in There. The area is located in a canyon and have a great view from the viewing areas.
 Monkey Crater- located in the dark jungles of There is Monkey Crater. This place is a great area to get your paint guns out and target your friends. The area holds many tall and odd structures and is the perfect place to hide and seek.
  Meet The Tour Guides!
SoftlyDreaming-She was one of the fist tour guide to join the group and she been great helping out the group as much as she can!
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